Services: we have offices all over the country round-the-clock fast service, to provide end-users with solutions and special product customization; together with 5A logistics companies, fast and thoughtful service, dynamic information at any time; 

Research and development: we have a strong R & D and development team and provincial technology center, more than 180 patented technology reserves, phased new product launch and terminal experience testing; 

Reputation: more than 20 years of industry and user reputation, multi-industry massive information capture and sharing, support, support and protection of the market and customers, as well as all-round cooperation with customers in market development, truly achieve win-win and common development; 

Strength: in 2010, it passed the (CQC) quality management system certification of China quality Certification Center. Strong testing means, complete testing methods, strict evaluation standards to ensure that the appearance and core quality of each product is controlled; Grui's four companies provide you with a full range of products and services. Its annual production capacity of flap disc is 250 million, flap wheel with shaft is 20 million, sandpaper is 380 million pieces, flap wheel is 2 million, abrasive film is 5 million square meters, and fibergalss backing pads is 180 million pieces. Products over the years exported to Central and Eastern Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia; 

Safety: in addition to ensuring product quality through process control, taking into account the differences in the use environment of users and in order to make the use of end users more assured, CUHK was the first to adopt PICC product liability insurance in the industry. Among them, the maximum amount of single insurance compensation can reach 1 million RMB; At the same time, the unique water-soluble bonding formula ensures that the product is more environmentally friendly in the process of use. 

Responsibility: let customer satisfaction, staff satisfaction, social satisfaction, supplier satisfaction is the company's business purpose since its establishment, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, financial assistance to college students, high investment in the establishment of environmental protection facilities and so on. Your choice of Gurui is also indirectly responsible for social responsibility.